GRANS! Zine fundraiser and What's Next

(Photo caption: a poetry-photo collage from our GRANS! Zine. In the middle of the collage: a cut-out figure sitting on a vibrantly vegetated park's bench next to a dog. Above the figure, two stripes of info: Aroosiak Sarkiessan 1916-2006⁠ —Julfa Isfaham,1916 Fairlawn Hotel, Kolkata, 1930 Kensington, London, 1964)

It was a blast performing poems inspired by the elders in our homes and communities at Hidden Door Festival in June, 2022. At our event 'GRANS! A Poetry Reading to Celebrate Our Elders', we raised 80 pounds (excluding transaction fees) with our pay-as-you-can GRANS! Poetry zines. After discussions, we decided to donate the proceeds to Age Scotland to support their charity work for people over the age of 50.

A backstage photo of us: Devki, Haig, Suzanna, Magnus, Medha, L., Jennifer, Jinhao, Tim Tim, Olivia (Emma & Flora not photographed here)

We are happy to announce that GRANS! Zine will be available for purchase again via The Forest Arts' Etsy Store. The Forest Arts is an Edinburgh-based non-profit organisation that has been bringing artists across disciplines together. The money from our sales will go directly to The Forest Arts this time to cover the costs of printing and postage.

(Photo caption: eight black-and-white physical copies of GRANS! Zine, two of which are doodled with glitter glue)

We only have a few physical copies left. Let us know if you want some glitter glue doodles on your zine's cover :)