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⟡ 'Interview with Mohamed Tonsy, the author of You Must Believe in Spring', Tintjournal

'St(itching) Silence', CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts & Textile) Blog

'Toying With Lost Time: A Review of Anything But Human by Daryl Lim Wei Jie, This Floating World by Gwee Li Sui, and Grandma's Attic, Mom's HDB, My Wallpaper by Heng Siok Tian', Cha Blog 
⟡ 'Tongues on Rock: Home-Making in Parallel Languages', Scottish BIPOC Writers Network 

⟡ 'Poetry Speaks: Connecting the Dots'HKBU Agora 

⟡ 'A Brief Chronology of My English Accent'​Tint Journal 

⟡ 'The End of Policing'Hong Kong Protesting

⟡ 'Cheng's Story'Queer Majority

⟡ 'June 9', The Offing

⟡ 'Vegan Ramen Guide to Tokyo'​Greedy Vegan

⟡ '
A Brief Chronology of My English Accent'​Tinted Tales 
⟡ 'Confessions of a ... Poet', Home, Race, Heritage: Asian Poets in ConversationOut-Spoken Press (forthcoming)

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