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The book cover of Tapping at Glass (Verve, 2023) by Tim Tim Cheng. A shattered blue glass stands against a white background.

Cover Print: "Tapping At Glass" (ink on soy milk box) by Wahyan Au


"‘Headlines fell from our mouths’: Tim Tim Cheng writes poems with the urgency of an elegy to freedom, pulsing with the electric shock of displacement. She is alert to the sudden strangeness of things, riffing from the now into rich veins of myth. These poems capture the tested bonds between friend and friend, between parent and child, between language and tongue. Tapping At Glass confirms her as one of a vital new generation of poets emerging from Hong Kong." – Sarah Howe, author of Loop of Jade

“Tim Tim Cheng is a wonderful new voice in the poetry landscape. Playful, serious, complicating any attempt to pin her down – even in the short span of a pamphlet she dances through images and ideas. Already so accomplished, she is definitely a poet who is going places.” – Niall Campbell, author of Moontide

“I am drawn to Tim Tim Cheng’s poems because they remind me of the power and beauty of honesty in writing. Each poem in Tapping At Glass is her shattered self. Dear readers, I urge you to handle them with care, because you are getting to know better a poet who has fearlessly shared the turbulence and threats that troubled her. It is never easy to write poetry in one’s second language, even more difficult it is to express one’s anxiety and burden towards her home city, and make herself understood and celebrated as a global anglophone poet. Tapping at Glass is a successful survival guide, not just for Cheng, but everyone in this imperfect world. ” – Nicholas Wong, author of Crevasse 

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Anthology Description

Jennifer Wong, Jason Eng Hun Lee, Tim Tim Cheng Eds.

Featuring both established and emerging Hong Kong poets across generations and continents, this unique anthology offers a glimpse into an exciting, diverse range of voices that make up the diasporic imagination of the contemporary Hong Kong poetry community. Adopting a diasporic approach, the anthology encompasses both native Hong Kong writers as well as expatriate and mixed-race voices who were born or have lived in the city.

The anthology sheds light on some poignant, wide-ranging themes such as migration, identity, gender, language, belonging, environment that underpin the city of Hong Kong, a place situated uniquely between the East and the West, in the 21st century. The book also features a selection of artworks from some of Hong Kong’s most talented artists, inviting the reader to make connections between the visual images and the text. 

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The handwritten book title "Where Else" frames a photo of windows, wires and laundry in a tong building.

Cover Photo: "Untitled" by Carmen Lau Ka Man, 2022


Zine Description

Launched at Edinburgh's Hidden Door Festival in 2022, ‘GRANS!’ is a poetry-collage zine to celebrate the elders in our homes and communities. Hailing from the UK, Malaysia, the States, Armenia, India, Mexico, Hong Kong and beyond, we look into the many meanings of ancestry with childhood photos and poems that are moving, funny, and dark by turns. Contributors: Jennifer Wong, Jinhao Xie, L Kiew, Medha Singh, Olivia Thomakos, Haig Lucas, Susanna Demelas, Devki Panchmatia, Magnus Mcdowall, Flora Leask, Emma Dodd, Tim Tim Cheng

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