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⟡ 'A hybrid poetry/prose/music performance', Edinburgh Futures Institute
⟡ ‘Skye-ward’, wildness
⟡ 'Sonnet with Skylines', The Oxonian Review
⟡ 'Mini Shishuo Xinyu', The Margins, Asian American Writers' Workshop
⟡ 'Death's Accents', Suspect Journal (Singapore Unbound)
'Crêpe / Mien Mui Jin', Vittles
'my love is bathing alone’, ‘The Tattoo Collector #5’, and ‘Skin. Me.’, Bad Lilies
⟡ 'How Do You Spell [          ] In Chinese', Propel
⟡ 'After Isla', 'Horrible Kids', 'Crossing', Tupelo Quarterly
'*', 'Ceilings', 'Eczema', Litter
'Waterlogged', 'intertidal', 'Guérilla Gardening', ​Our Time Is a Garden
⟡ 'intertidal', The Sea Around Us (The Nature Library, Ullapool)
⟡ 'Mushroom Messages', bath magg
⟡ 'Froggos, Froggone', Asia Art Archive: Ideas Journal
⟡ 'Shin Ramyun', The Instant Noodle Literary Review
⟡ 'Field Notes', POETRY

⟡ 'SHE WILL', Grierson Verse Prize
⟡ 'Kindergarten', Parentheses
⟡ 'Pentland Hills', Scottish Poetry Library
⟡ 'Icarus, a girl, talks to interviewers', 'The Tattooist', ​ANMLY
⟡ 'How Memory Works', The Common

⟡ 'Lantau (Rotten Head)', The Tiger Moth Review

⟡ 'Coming Of Age', 'Instead of me, this email finds', OF ZOOS 

⟡ 'Sunshine Judiciary', 'Gingerly', Cha: An Asian Literary Journal 

⟡ 'Eat First (Excerpts)', PR&TA

⟡ 'Beginner's Wall, Shek O', Oxford Brookes Poetry Center's Weekly Poem

⟡ 'The Sand I Stand On Is Not My Own', Berfrois

⟡ 'Day Trip to Narva', orangepeel magazine

⟡ 'Clock Struck 13', High Shelf Press

⟡ 'Winter Now, Hong Kong', diode

⟡ 'NO LANGUAGE', harana poetry

⟡ 'Hi, you.', Ink, Sweat and Tears

⟡ 'Variations on Holiday Romance', aurora journal

⟡ 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but in Tin Yuet (2021)', Ricepaper

⟡ 'Landscapes, Hong Kong', Cicada

⟡ 'Annie, Anyone?' and 'Students Said', Cordite Poetry Journal

⟡ 'Press Conference', Extramuros

⟡ 'Another Matthew Bear', 'Headspace', 'Three Observations', 'Tap in, Tap Out' and '(Y)ears', Agora: HKBU

⟡ 'Two Black Dots', 'Ceiling', 'School Haiku' and 'Practicum, Petty hums', EDGE: HKBU Creative Journal

⟡ 'The Tattoo Collector', Gutter
⟡ 'MAJESTY', 'Good Practices', PN Review
⟡ 'not acts as in acts but', Contralytic
⟡ 'Crêpe / Mien Mui Jin', Magma
⟡ 'The Tattooist', Poetry London
⟡ 'News, Nocturnal', Butcher's Dog
⟡ 'Boyfriend for Scale', 'My Bloody Galentines', Under the Radar
⟡ 'Reiki', 'Autoportrait with Windows', 'Chi Shin Road', 'Yau Tang Daughters', Canto Cutie
⟡ 'Guilt', Abridged
⟡ 'Clouds and Clouds', Ambit
⟡ 'Waterlogged', 'intertidal', 'Guérilla Gardening', ​Our Time Is a Garden
⟡ 'In and Out', Interpret Magazine
⟡ 'To hike with you' and 'Overnight Karaoke in Conference Room', Making Space: A Collection of Writing and Art

⟡ 'My Friend Had This Box', Wet Grain
⟡ 'The Fo(u)rth Bridge', 'Auto-portrait with Windows', 'Nicolson Street', From Arthur's Seat (Volume 7)

⟡ 'Thick and Thin, The Languages of Water 

⟡ 'In my dreams telephone keys always escape my finger, 'Hoarders', 'With Us' and 'Milking', Dreich

⟡ 'Street Views, January-April 2020', 21/21: A Bilingual Anthology of Hong Kong Poetry

⟡ 'Boxed in', ​Sine Theta Magazine

⟡ 'Salt and Rice', ​Rabbit Poetry Journal

⟡ 'Rudimentary Cantonese', Canto Cutie

⟡ 'Miss Blue', Bone Bouquet​

⟡ 'GNAW', Proverse Hong Kong: Mingled Voices 5

⟡ 'June 21', SAND Journal

⟡ 'A Hole In My Pocket' and 'By the Stinky River 臭河' (Issue 71), 'Eczema' (Issue 65); 'Clubhouse' (Issue 59); 'To Fall' (Issue 57); 'Love In Isolation' (Issue 56); 'SAR(S) Babies' (Issue 54);'Pandora’s Paradox' (Issue 53); 'Filial Duties', 'Measurement of Moving On' (Issue 50); 'We/Them', 'Mangkhut’s Exhibits' (Issue 45); 'Eight Years after Post-80s Protests' (Issue 44); '(H)ours', 'Teachering' (Issue 43); 'July 2017, Hong Kong' (Issue 42), and 'Entrails' (Issue 41), Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine

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