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A painting titled 'Intertidal Zone' by Kensa Hung. Luminous sea creatures and corals bloom in orange, pink, gold in the dark.


From The Tattoo Collector (Nine Arches Press, 2024)

'a shared room', 'Silence', theHythe
⟡ 'The Tattoo Collector', Gutter
⟡ 'MAJESTY', PN Review
'The Tattooist', Poetry London
'Boyfriend for Scale', 'My Bloody Galentines', Under the Radar
⟡ 'Happiness', 'Jades', berlin lit
⟡ 'A hybrid poetry/prose/music performance', Edinburgh Futures Institute
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⟡ 'Field Notes', POETRY
⟡ 'Mushroom Messages', bath magg
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⟡ 'The Sand I Stand On Is Not My Own', Berfrois
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⟡ 'Students Said', Cordite Poetry Journal
⟡ 'Chi Shin Road', 'Yau Tang Daughters', Canto Cutie
⟡ 'The Fo(u)rth Bridge', From Arthur's Seat (Volume 7) 

⟡ 'Eczema' (Issue 65), Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine
⟡  'Entrails' (Issue 41), Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine

From Tapping At Glass (VERVE, 2023)

⟡ 'How Do You Spell [          ] In Chinese', Propel
 'Horrible Kids', Tupelo Quarterly
'Waterlogged', 'intertidal', Our Time Is a Garden
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⟡ 'intertidal', The Sea Around Us (The Nature Library, Ullapool)
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⟡ 'Kindergarten', Parentheses

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'The Tattooist', ​ANMLY
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⟡ 'Salt and Rice', ​Rabbit Poetry Journal
⟡ 'Clouds and Clouds', Ambit
⟡ 'In and Out', Interpret Magazine

⟡ 'News, Nocturnal', Butcher's Dog
⟡ 'Reiki', Canto Cutie 

⟡ '(H)ours' (Issue 43), Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine


⟡ 'Good Practices', PN Review
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⟡ 'Death's Accents', Suspect Journal (Singapore Unbound)
'Crêpe / Mien Mui Jin', Vittles
'my love is bathing alone’, Bad Lilies
'Crossing', Tupelo Quarterly
'*', 'Ceilings', Litter
'Guérilla Gardening', ​Our Time Is a Garden

⟡ 'Guilt', Abridged
⟡ 'To hike with you' and 'Overnight Karaoke in Conference Room', Making Space: A Collection of Writing and Art 

⟡ 'My Friend Had This Box', Wet Grain

⟡ 'Thick and Thin', The Languages of Water 

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⟡ 'Press Conference', Extramuros​
⟡ 'Auto-portrait with Windows', 'Nicolson Street', From Arthur's Seat (Volume 7)

⟡ 'A Hole In My Pocket' and 'By the Stinky River 臭河' (Issue 71); 'Clubhouse' (Issue 59); 'To Fall' (Issue 57); 'Love In Isolation' (Issue 56); 'SAR(S) Babies' (Issue 54);'Pandora’s Paradox' (Issue 53); 'Filial Duties', 'Measurement of Moving On' (Issue 50); 'We/Them', 'Mangkhut’s Exhibits' (Issue 45); 'Eight Years after Post-80s Protests' (Issue 44); '(H)ours', 'Teachering' (Issue 43); 'July 2017, Hong Kong' (Issue 42), Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine

⟡ 'Another Matthew Bear', 'Headspace', 'Three Observations', 'Tap in, Tap Out' and '(Y)ears', Agora: HKBU

⟡ 'Two Black Dots', 'Ceiling', 'School Haiku' and 'Practicum, Petty hums', EDGE: HKBU Creative Journal

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