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If we love a place enough, will it love us back? Or is this love between a place and its people more than what they could give and take? This workshop helps poets discover one's relationships with the city through poetry, which directs our sensory experiences into somewhere between the introspective and the communal. 

My lesson plan in collaboration with Writing Plus HK


Sometimes our family surprises us—there are things we wish to find out, and others we wish we had never learnt. Sometimes mundanity brings peace, or the daily grind of everyday irritations. How do we negotiate with our family memories? Can we trust them? If we handle them with care, can we arrive at somewhere unknown in our hearts or history? This poetry workshop is for poets who want to explore family memories as part of their work-in-progress. We will discover what is both familiar and strangely new about those we call family.

My suggested classroom activities based on my poem "Eat First,", published by PR&TA Journal

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